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The first shot of this trailer blurs into view like a camera that’s just been switched on and set to record. The colours are a little off, the framing is a little off and rather than characters, we get shadows, facing away from us and one or two sun flares lighting up the shot. It’s only the first two seconds of the trailer, but already it gives us the impression that this film is an intimate look into the lives of its characters, and that it may not be everything it seems to be.

Firstly, the visuals of this trailer are stunning, and the first spoken line we hear summarises the next two minutes of footage – “I had a very vivid dream, the other night, about us.” At a first glance, Comet has a surrealist quality about it that you definitely can’t deny; the characters appear to have the capacity to change their setting and manipulate their surroundings, to jump through time at the click of their fingers. The film operates within “parallel universes”, but from the trailer I’m inclined to think that this magical realism does not lend itself to any supernatural influence whatsoever. These characters are just regular people with a regular story being told in an extraordinary way.

Secondly, the music makes the trailer. Tom Rosenthal’s ‘It’s OK’ appears to lend itself perfectly to the adorable interactions between Justin Long and Emmy Rossum and the unravelling of their relationship. It creates a truly romantic feel that I hope the film can live up to.

There are elements of this trailer that do concern me – Justin Long’s sarcasm, off-centre framing and a flyaway comment or two being just a couple of things that make me feel like Comet could prove to be more experimental filmmaking than a director with a vision. However, the trailer gives off a very (500) Days of Summer meets Melancholia feel, with just a touch of the Linklater Before… series sneaking in, and it is both intriguing and beautiful enough for me to give it a go when it gets released.

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