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More than anything else, La La Land could be sold to us simply under the umbrella of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s on-screen reunion. After being introducing to the pair together in Crazy, Stupid, Love and building up to another affair in Gangster Squad, here in La La Land, the couple’s work together is shaping up to be something unashamedly romantic and wondrously beautiful.

Working off the simple synopsis of “a jazz pianist falls for an aspiring actress in Los Angeles”, both of the teaser trailers we’ve seen for the film so far have seen each of the leads get their voice heard.

From Gosling’s dulcet, jazzy tones in the ‘City of Stars’ trailer to Stone’s sweet and simple ballad ‘Audition’ in this week’s latest tease, it’s becoming more and more evident that what we can expect from La La Land is a gorgeous modern day musical that isn’t afraid to throw itself back to the Hollywood Golden Age in its sweeping shots and pretty compositions. 

Also featuring a fantastic supporting cast, including the likes of Oscar-winning Whiplash star JK Simmons, Grammy Award-winning John Legend and American Horror Story’s Emmy-nominated star Finn Wittrock, this movie comes to us from powerhouse Whiplash writer and director Damien Chazelle – who we already know can do a musically-inclined jazz movie and do it well.

Chazelle has also previously described his new film as being “about love, and big dreams, and trying to navigate that kind of tenuous correlation between dreams and reality and what you have to do to your dreams to fit them into reality”, adding that there’s nothing better than a musical to explore that relationship.

So, here’s to the ones who dream, because we may just have a beautiful soundtrack and something wonderful waiting for us when La La Land is released in the UK early next year.

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