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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies

warm bodies2013

Genre: Comedy, Horror, Romance

Directed by: Jonathan Levine

Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich

Well, we’ve had Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, so why not Romeo and Juliet with zombies (complete with its own balcony scene)? Welcome to the world of warm bodies.

In this Zombies vs humans tale, the planet is overrun with three types of creatures. There are your common or garden brain-eating zombies, humans, and skeletal revenants (who make the normal Zombies look like animals at a petting zoo). Into this mix we find a young human girl who’s on the hunt, with her posse, for medical supplies. They’re attacked by a group of zombies, but she’s saved by R, a zombie who unexpectedly develops feelings for her. Can this mismatched pair spread their humanity to zombiekind or will the skeletal revenants get them first?

A truly original film, this is part indie rom-com (with the obligatory edgy eclectic soundtrack) and part zombie action flick. These elements compliment each other and are guided by a witty narration from the male lead Nicholas Hoult. Kristen Stewart look-a-like Teresa Palmer (though without her permanent mizzy expression) is good too, as were all the supporting cast. Much fun was had watching zombies try to perform simple social niceties and this film deserves four stars alone for having the first Zombie makeover scene in celluloid history (as far as I know).

P.S Could the simple message of this film be – that to have humanity you must be accepted by society or you may become a “Zombie”?…


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