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Head’s up before we start this long and bloody battle (pun! Because it’s vampires! Again!), this fight won’t actually take all that much time. Two film trailers have recently made their way on to the interwebs, one being the adaptation of popular book series Vampire Academy and the other being another successful YA series, Divergent. Both have loyal fan-bases and are expected to rake in all the monies.

Let’s take this one at a time:

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters



Pros: (1) Helmed by Mean Girl’s Mark Waters and Heather’s screenwriter Daniel Waters. That’s teen movie perfection right there. And the trailer makes it look as if the film may be heading toward a more wry humour than expected (2) Fight sequences look action-y (3) Ermmm….

Cons: (1) Terrible, inexcusable title that’s ripe for mockery. The only way that sub-title would work is if it were the alternative title for Ginger Snaps. (2) There’s no way this film will ever be better than Heathers (3) That awful hair (4) It’s vampires.




Pros: (1) KATE WINSLET (2) KATE WINSLET (3) Kick-ass heroine jumping out of moving trains and getting knives thrown at her whilst looking like a badass. Check. (4) Interesting premise with lots of potential world-building (5) Theo James looks like a likeable chap.

Cons: (1) Some bits look a lot like TV show Nikita, and that’s not just the presence of Maggie Q (2) Is Shailene Woodley strong enough to take the lead in this? It’s hard to tell from the trailer, so I’ll hold off judgement for now. Just need a bit more convincing.

And the WINNER is….. Miley Cyrus!

Just kidding, it’s Divergent, but with hope that Vampire Academy surprises us.

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