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Under The Dome Season 1, Episode 9 Review

Under The Dome Season 1, Episode 9 Review

under-the-dome-episode-9‘The Fourth Hand’

Following hot on the heels of last week’s cryptic “the monarch will be crowned” mystery, this week was always going to focus on the possible monarch contenders, with Angie and her butterfly tattoo leading the way as our most likely candidate.

The Fourth Hand saw Angie momentarily take a break from stomping around looking frantic, by telling Big Jim that she wanted the deeds to the diner. Big Jim didn’t have many cards to play so he told her he’d think about it, which in Big Jim language means no. Angie’s a tough nut to crack though and she’s bound to persist with threats until he gives in, or worse, adds her to the growing body count.

Big Jim had bigger fish to fry with yet another member of the town going crazy with a gun. Civilians and guns don’t make for pretty outcomes and I can’t think of a better advert for anti-gun laws than Under the Dome. By calling on a voluntary hand-in of firearms, Big Jim created his biggest arsenal yet and it seemed as if he might need it, with tensions between him and Barbie reaching an all time high.

Barbie, having long suspected that Big Jim was up to no good, made a startling discovery with Sheriff Linda, which revealed not only Rev. Coggins’ drug-making equipment but also Duke and Big Jim’s involvement in the shady scheme. The revelation that the town was manufacturing a drug called ‘Rapture’ shook Linda, who couldn’t believe that Coggins and co were capable of being involved in something so illegal. She really has no idea. With one revelation came another in the form of Max, Big Jim’s business partner and Barbie’s old love interest/boss – it’s not entirely clear how exactly these two know each other. Big Jim and Barbie undoubtedly have a lot more in common than anyone, including the two of them, thought.

As if one encounter with a member of the Rennie family wasn’t enough, Angie got an unwelcome visit from Junior who once again tried to convince her that the dome was making her sick. A frustrated Angie collapsed and had a familiar pink-star inspired seizure. It was possibly the worst time Angie could have had a seizure because it proved that Junior was right about her being linked to the dome – a theory he later connects to a picture his suicidal mum painted that shows a young Junior standing on a hill with pink stars falling from the sky. Suddenly Junior doesn’t seem quite so crazy.

After Joe confided in Julia last week, showing her the mini dome and its strange eggy contents, Julia was evidently bursting at the seams with journalistic curiosity. She took Barbie to the spot where the mini-dome was, only to find it had vanished leaving a circular dent in its place. It wasn’t long before Julia arrived on Joe’s doorstep, asking him and Norrie if they’d moved it. An unlikely scenario you would think, considering they couldn’t penetrate the mini dome last week.

Joe and Norrie were visibly confused by the sudden disappearance of the dome and when Angie stormed in, revealing that she had a seizure where she babbled something about pink stars falling, they all realised something really weird was happening. Welcome to the party Angie!

Having tried and failed to locate the mini dome, the teenagers decided it was best to keep Julia out of the loop because that’s what the dome wanted. This ultimately led Angie, Joe and Norrie to discover the whereabouts of the egg, which had found its way into the McAlister barn with a little help from a sleepwalking Joe.

The episode ended with Joe, Norrie and Angie touching the mini dome, which revealed a fourth handprint – suggesting the dome needs a fourth person to complete the group. My money’s on Junior as the fourth hand but will he want to be a part of whatever the dome has in store for the mysteriously connected quartet?

It’s easy to forget that Under the Dome has a very short timeline and whilst we’re onto our ninth week of watching the series, the residents of Chester’s Mill have only been trapped for a little over seven days. It’s this slow pace that has posed a problem since the start and whilst the customary hilarious dialogue and eye-roll inducing reasoning still plagues each episode, the developing storyline is one you can’t help but be intrigued by. The appearance of sharp talking, all-seeing Max is sure to stir up some trouble in the lead up to the big finale. As next week’s episode title states – ‘let the games begin’.


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