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Under The Dome Season 1, Episode 6 Review

Under The Dome Season 1, Episode 6 Review

The Endless Thirst‘The Endless Thirst’

Having been unable to deliver a realistic scenario since it started, Under the Dome did a complete 360 this week with all hell breaking loose in Chester’s Mill. Suffering from an attack of psychosis en masse, the townsfolk went from subdued and strangely calm to completely crazy in the space of a single episode. With last week securing the knowledge that the dome is indestructible, tensions between the characters hit an all time high.

The Endless Thirst centred around three major issues: Alice’s progressively waning health, a deficit in precious and life-dependent supplies, and the unstable relationships between Angie and Junior and Junior and Big Jim. These three things are all intertwined of course, adding up to create all sorts of pandemonium under the dome and nobody comes out of it unscathed.

Sadly for Samantha Mathis, we’ve been predicting something bad would happen to her character Alice for some time now and The Endless Thirst sees the poor Doctor descending into a rapid downward spiral. When she runs out of insulin she becomes incoherent and confused, which causes her to walk out in front of a lorry. The driver sees her at the last moment and swerves, hitting the Chester’s Mill water tower instead. With the town’s supply of water accidentally destroyed and the lake polluted with methane, the townsfolk begin to panic – stock buying bottles of water and anything else they can get their hands on until it becomes clear that, at this rate, supplies aren’t going to last very long. Fights break out in the streets and people start looting, as Sheriff Linda and her new deputies Junior and Barbie attempt to keep the peace…not very successfully I might add.

Looters and fights aren’t Junior’s main priority though, with Angie roaming the streets trying to escape him and find her brother, Joe. Angie tells Rose about Junior locking her up in the bunker and Rose vows to protect her, but the two are interrupted by the vile Dundee brothers who loot the diner’s food supply and kill Rose in the process. Barbie saves Angie from a fate worse than being knocked unconscious and he hands her over to Big Jim who, under the pretence that he’s taking her to the clinic, takes her back to the one place she’s trying to get away from – his house. You can’t help but feel sorry for Angie, despite her tendency to do exactly the opposite of what she should do.

Meanwhile, following the source of the radio frequency jam as it moves around the town, Julia and Dodee believe they might have happened upon the domes on/off switch; like it would be that easy… When Dodee’s triangulation device leads them to Joe and Norrie, who have gone on a fruitless mission to find insulin for Alice, the four of them realise that the teenagers are somehow connected to the dome – something that viewers have known for a while. When the two of them touch the dome together they break the signal jam, further proving the theory. What this has to do with pink stars though, we still don’t know.

Just as Linda is about to start waving her gun around again, a miraculous rainstorm ends the anarchy as people begin fetching buckets to catch the water. Guess that answers the question surrounding whether it rains in the dome. As it turns out, the dome actually has its own eco-system… fancy that! The convenience of all these occurrences is spot on as ever but actually seems to directly relate to the storyline this time, rather than just being an easy way out for the writers. If it rains just at the moment when the townsfolk need it the most, what does that mean? Is the dome trying to help the people? Is it trying to communicate with them, or save them, or is it merely a coincidence?

Oh and did I mention that Julia and Barbie kissed in the pouring rain? It was all very wet and unromantic; despite what the Sheriff says, these two just don’t have any chemistry. Julia seems to have forgotten she ever had a husband but there’s a ticking bomb on Barbie which leads us to believe that she’ll be reminded of her ‘vanished’ hubby before the series ends.

The final scene of The Endless Thirst was probably one of the best moments of the entire series so far, allowing Dean Norris (Big Jim) and Britt Robinson (Angie) some quality screen time together; both shine amidst the tense conversation where Big Jim promises Angie protection from Junior if she keeps quiet about him locking her up in the bunker. He offers her water, food, propane, money (not that she can do an awful lot with that), and best of all, the promise that Junior will never touch her again. Just as Angie is contemplating this offer, Junior comes running into the house to find a nervous looking Angie and a furious looking Big Jim. With a history of not taking it easy on his son and a temper that could rival the Hulk, Big Jim is likely to honour his promise to Angie. For once I’m actually excited to see what happens next week.


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