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Azealia Banks Glasto 2013– Well, it would be impossible to write this fortnight’s round-up without mentioning Glastonbury Festival. The eclectic festival of contemporary performing arts was held at Worthy Farm in Pilton this weekend with headline slots from The Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys and Mumford & Sons. The Stones stole the show (obviously) proving they’ve still got it, in spite of a certain newspaper deciding that Jagger and Richards being old is worthy of front-page news (we knew that already, didn’t we?). Nevertheless, if all the haters can still move like Jagger at 70 I’ll forgive them. If you weren’t lucky enough to get hold of a ticket for the Worthy Farm bash, I would strongly recommend watching the BBC’s coverage, which is available on iPlayer now, with more conclusive coverage than ever before.

– With the festival season well and truly under way we turn our heads to fashion. The wonderful thing about festivals (and this is particularly the case with Glastonbury) is that anything goes: from Azealia Banks’ audacious mint green outfit – remember me saying mint green was in this Summer? – with what appeared to be inflatable spikes, to power rangers and punters dressed as the devil, hoping for sympathy and to be treated judgement free. The main craze this year though seems to be denim shorts barely long enough to accommodate back pockets. This choice of get-up has mostly been brought to prominence by a rise in interest of electronic music, but expect it to crash and burn soon as the air fills with whispers of saggy bums and comments such as “Man, that’s not helping my hangover!” and, of course, “I’d never let my daughter wear that!” from the older generations.

– In other fashion news, Dolce and Gabbana have been sentenced to jail for evading tax on an income as high as £850 million, making them about as popular as Starbucks or U2 (unfortunately still pretty popular). They’ve been given a suspended sentence of one year and eight months in prison, in accordance with Italian law.

– The Tate Modern in London has a made a big step toward its planned extension after receiving a £10 million donation from Israeli shipping billionaire Eyal Ofer, who’s to have the level 3 east galleries named after him as a token of appreciation. The project will increase the space by 60% and so far 85% of the capital-cost money has been raised.

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