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girlsNew Year brings old resolutions, fresh hangovers and a long list of TV to save for a rainy day. As we all know from experience, resolutions are made to be broken, hangovers are doomed to be repeated and some programmes cannot be put off until tomorrow, especially if you want to use your Twitter account any time soon. The Emmy Award winning US sitcom Girls is one of those shows and will be returning for its second series this January. The Lena Dunham hit is set to be the word on everybody’s lips this New Year, even if nobody was on yours at midnight, and this will be one habit you won’t want to quit come 2013.

If you missed the hype of the first series then don your fave frumpy hippy-chic ensemble, which you spun together from a thrift store sale bin, because you’re in for a treat. Unlike the couture draped Sex and the City gaggle, these 20-something New Yorkers are vividly real women, as written by the witty and fearless Lena Dunham.

There has been a few notable penny pinching house-share sitcoms popping up in the US recently like the sassy 2 Broke Girls and too kooky for school New Girl, but none is so painfully close to reality as Girls. With the return of long-running comedy Peep Show we Brits are no stranger to awkward encounters of the comedic kind and now we have a new femme foursome to make us cringe, chocked full of hiding behind the sofa moments. The first episode alone shocked audiences with a date rape joke that slipped out mid-job interview, not to mention the graphically awkward no-strings-attached sex scenes.

The first series began with the heroine, Hannah, who’s played by writer Lena Dunham, being cut-off by her parents at 22. After graduating from her degree, Hannah went into an unpaid internship, the customer service of our age, and has been stranded there ever since. In the hope that something would materialise from her long-term position she approaches her boss and relays her new need for a pay cheque. Kindly, Hannah’s boss gives his condolences and then fires her.

Marnie, the ‘uptight’ one and Hannah’s roommate, starts off caught in a relationship with a too-nice boring boyfriend who she’s reluctant to leave for fear of the unknown messiness found in 20s singledom. Unlike the go-to comparison of Charlotte from Sex and the City however, her most notable scene sees Marnie relieving tension in an art gallery bathroom after a sexually charged moment with an artist. That’s not something you’re likely to see in the glamorised SATC. In their heyday you just do the dignified thing and go home to your strategically hidden rampant rabbits that are only seen by you and your cleaner.

We also see British siren Jessa return bold and worldly from travelling. She moves in indefinitely with her sweetly naïve cousin Shoshanna who’s in absolute awe of her. The contrast between the two is brilliant and you’ll be particularly pleased to see a British woman subverting the stuck up stereotype.

As the series progresses more misguided males are introduced into the equation including the Irish actor Chris O’Dowd as a suited and booted love interest. Since he has made the leap across the Atlantic, that’s a stamp of approval you can take to the bank.

The second series has been highly anticipated and kicks off in January with Hannah fresh from a relationship. New lines like “I know I always said he was sexy in a murder-y way but what if he’s murder-y in like a murder way?” are ramping up the intrigue. Stalked by her ex and living with her now gay other ex, the men in Hannah’s life don’t seem to be playing on her terms but she seems happy to hunt for more.

Marnie is as lost as ever in a quarter-life-crisis pit of despair, but Shoshanna seems to have a love interest of her very own when Jessa returns from her honeymoon after the surprise-party marriage that ended the first series. Jessa blissfully returns to lay down her no-nonsense wisdom and happily realises how little she knows about her new husband, like his address.

Fans of the show will be hoping for more home truths about being a struggling 20-something, realistic sex scenes and reasons to bury your face in a cushion and, from the newly released trailer, 2013’s follow-up series will not disappoint. The girls of Girls have real bodies, real budgets and really no clue and we can’t wait to see how they cope in the New Year.

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