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Are You Excited About True Blood Season 6?

Are You Excited About True Blood Season 6?

True_Blood_Season_6_Promo_After a long drawn out winter, the weather is finally heating up. That can only mean one thing. The summer schedule of shows is about to begin and give you a reason to stay inside. After the heart-pounding season five finale, we can finally look forward to the return of True Blood.

After the first series, True Blood drastically departed from the books. Though not well written, the True Blood books are fun and light. They’re good for a little summer reading but that’s a different story, literally. The writer, Charlaine Harris, has said that if she’d written the books post-Hurricane Katrina it would be a very different storyline. This could explain some of the differences but not all of them. It’s more likely that some changes were typically based on fan servicing. Characters have even lived and died, differently. The plus side is that one will not ruin the other. If you decide to read ahead or have a box-set marathon you can enjoy them practically spoiler free.

Some of the changes have been disappointing, however. The well meaning bar owner, and shape shifter, Sam’s storyline has completely been re-written. His seedy background and killer instinct are a far cry from the kind and caring man we first read about. Maybe it’s unlikely such a character would survive physically and mentally in such a sordid world. It wouldn’t make sense for a good-looking, nice man to not get the girl either. Though the change has bastardised a formerly lovable character and it doesn’t end there.

The vampire series initially drew a parallel between vampires and the civil rights movement. As the show has progressed, the “fangers” have become increasingly ruthless, bloodthirsty and alien. It seems careless on the part of the writers to continue any comparison between the two. The religious radicalism, debauchery and psychotic vampirism has led to the complete collapse of that analogy and if not, then certainly perverted it.

In a post Fifty Shades of Grey world the soft-porn antics of the characters are likely to seem almost dull. True Blood season six could be threatened by eye rolls among audiences and sighs of boredom from housewives across the land. From the teasers it’s clear that the show is now taking on an increasingly action orientated plot, with the odd topless shot or flash of thigh and fang. The True Blood season six trailer sees the beginning of a war and backlash against vampirism. The changing mood in True Blood will hopefully increase the cheap thrills the show lovingly promises.

Unlike other recent vampire flicks the relationships in True Blood have a level of realism that its contemporaries lack. The main character Sookie Stackhouse is a grown woman with a complex love life and doesn’t martyr herself for love so easily. She chooses supernatural partners based on the fact that she herself is supernatural and her unique talents don’t allow for healthy human relationships. Sookie Stackhouse stands up for herself, vehemently. She enjoys an exciting sex life and protects the people that she loves without sacrificing herself. All in all, she’s a more realistic and relatable character that makes mistakes and screams at scary stuff. Similarly, there are several strong female roles within the show. Though the amount that are still human has greatly decreased…five seasons can do that to a show.

True Blood season six promises more kick-ass girls, a world expanding beyond the small towns of the characters with a clash of humans and vampires. The war that has been threatened since the outset is finally upon them. From the character progression, choosing a side has never been so difficult.

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