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Tunnel – Amy Stroup Review

Tunnel – Amy Stroup Review

amy-stroup-tunnelReleased: 2014

Amy stroup’s new album Tunnel – released here in the UK on the 4th February – is a beautiful product of three years of intense soul searching and personal journeys. Although there has been a gap between albums, this latest offering definitely doesn’t disappoint and the wait was well worth it for fans and new listeners alike.

Amy’s beautiful vocals simmer from track to track, combining pretty melodies with personal truths to create something that can’t easily be categorised into one particular genre, which makes Tunnel all the more captivating. Each track is completely different from the last and as the individual songs don’t seem to conform to any one particular genre, the album appears to have something for everyone.

My own favourite track has to be Falling, a song about a dissipating relationship with lyrics that will no doubt resonate with many of its listeners. The level of truth incorporated into Tunnel reveals an album that’s a product of hard work and a genuine care and love for music, which always adds something a little special to a record.

The melodies flowing through each song are carefully thought out, ensuring that none of the songs have that all to familiar ‘skippable’ feel. As a whole the album feels like a story filled with everything from heartbreak to happiness.

I’d recommend Tunnel to anyone who has a love for music and a love for artists who put their heart and soul into every lyric. Though there are some more upbeat tracks, this is an album that gives off a more chilled out vibe and is perfect for those moments of reflection and thought.


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