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Troubled Days – Seabird

Troubled Days – Seabird

troubleddays-seabirdReleased: 2013

Having been around since 2004, Seabird’s music has featured in numerous hit TV shows and the band have spent multiple weeks at number one on “MTVU’s most wanted”. Listening to this album it’s not hard to see why.

Troubled Days is Seabird’s newest release (16th July 2013) and, for seasoned fans and new listeners alike, this offering will not disappoint. Listening to the album made me wonder why I hadn’t heard of them before, with their catchy, truthful lyrics. Usually I’m the type who only likes one or two songs per album but for Troubled Days this was not the case! The album is relevant and relatable to real life, combining poignant lyrics and uplifting melodies to create a hopeful feel which will appeal to the masses. Each song is completely different and an anthem in its own right, so there really is something for everyone.

The overall impression of Troubled Days is that it’s very romantic (even though some of the songs are a little on the sad side), with the right mix of slow and upbeat songs. Perfect and easy to listen to, you can imagine many of the tracks being used in films and further television shows. My personal favourite from the album is Stand out, as it brings more of a country feel; something to listen to for a bit of inspiration on bad days.

The album flows incredibly well and is enjoyable from start to finish, with no weak ‘skippable’ songs. To fully appreciate the lyrics you have to listen to Troubled Days in a relaxed and quiet environment – it’s not a party album but is definitely an album packed with summer anthems and is worth a listen!


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