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Tourist at HiFi – Live At Leeds Review

Tourist at HiFi – Live At Leeds Review


Bathed in blue light in the gloomy basement of Hifi, Tourist captivated the rammed-to-capacity room and it was hard not to be peppered with goosebumps from his first euphoric notes.

Tourist’s indietronic and dreamy blissed out house music is all about building up the layers of sound and is reminiscent of watching a sculptor at work as he shapes and moulds the samples and beats into a breathtakingly finished song, often taking directions we wouldn’t have anticipated.

Furthermore, his relentless, focused energy is infectious and the young man clearly adores being given the opportunity to exhibit his work before a crowd who may not have heard of him before.

Revered by Disclosure, this year is already looking to be an earth-shattering one for Tourist and plenty of his samples were recognisable even to the inexperienced ear. However, a half an hour set was never going to be enough for this superstar of electronica or his mesmerised audience who screamed out in vain for more.


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