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top of the lakeUntil very recently, Mystery Drama were dirty words in TV talk; clichéd, repetitive series that seemed intent on treating the audience like idiots, more concerned with making them funny enough to be acceptable Sunday night entertainment. Then – straight from Denmark – came The Killing, whose success led to a stream of thrillers that dared to make the audience use their brains. Such shows proved there was a real want for intelligent TV that not only dealt with a central murder/mystery, but also confronted other identifiable issues that the audience could become emotionally involved in.

Top Of The Lake takes its cue from The Killing – a mystery focused on children that develops over the course of a single series and is investigated by a strong, central female character – but develops in to an eye-opening and original tale that emotionally captivates from the start. Created, written and partly directed by New Zealand born Jane Campion (whose credits include