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Top 5 Live At Leeds Moments

Top 5 Live At Leeds Moments


From lesser known bands like Love Zombies and Black Alley, to the much-loved Ella Eyre and Clean Bandit…this year’s Live At Leeds festival offered up a weekend of unrivalled music and cool venues. Our time at the festival may have ended but that doesn’t stop up reliving our top 5 moments from the event. Check them out below and share your favourite moments with us too.

1. Royal Blood

One of the finest bands of the weekend, Royal Blood were monolithic, brutal and to the point, and showed just what a festival set should be all about. Not a down face in sight, and with fist-pumping, head-banging goodness are ones to watch for the future.

2. Tourist

Welcomed like a hero to the HiFi stage, his electronica had the venue filled, the audience dancing and hands raised all the way to the back. Coming off the back of recent chart successes, small shows such as this will only become a rarity, and are all the more reason to be savoured.

3. Ella Eyre

As the voice of Rudimental’s Waiting All Night, Ella’s shows will only get bigger and better, if such a thing were possible after her Live At Leeds set. Captivating, powerful and sassy, her set at Leeds Academy was possibly the highlight of the weekend.

4. Primos

With the whole of Leeds involved in the festival, opportunities to try new places for food were rife, and in the end the Boston hot dogs at Primos in the Corn Exchange won out. Spoilt only by the lack of ketchup available.

5. Starman

Seeing nine men dressed in custom star-decorated suits as an entourage for one individual wearing a red suit covered in hearts was the balls-tripping moment of the day, not least seeing them head-banging during Royal Blood’s set and then dancing at the front of the stage for Love Zombies. But you can’t deny their commitment to a costume, and worryingly they pulled it off rather well.

Until next year!

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