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Tomorrow, Then – Conrad Vingoe Review

Tomorrow, Then – Conrad Vingoe Review

Tomorrow, then front cover loReleased: March 2015

Take a fresh voice with just a hint of world-weariness, add an upright bass and gentle drum shuffles, and you have the recipe for a successful Conrad Vingoe album.

Tomorrow, Then is the singer songwriter’s fourth album, and recorded live in just two days, the record gets straight to the point with a vintage charm not espoused enough in the era of pro-tools and overdubs.

The straight-edged folk of Fail tumbles past with some lovely vocal harmonies and do-or-die guitar stabs that lets you know just how much Vingoe means it.

Other highlights include the get-up-and-go spruce of Stop Dreaming and the gentle croon of Stories, with its masterful guitar licks merging with Vingoe’s authoritative voice.

Tomorrow, Then is an engaging album all told, and Vingoe’s voice is entirely welcoming. But it is the considered arrangements that complement his voice which deserve top marks here. A long player for the summer chill out playlist.


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