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Out this weekend, the new single from Tom Ryder is an acoustic beauty which is not only easy on the ear but raising money for a great cause in Macmillan Cancer Research. The final record is, as yet, unavailable online, but this stream gives you an idea of the simple beauty of the track:

A solo artist already known for his skill in putting together subtle and thoughtful lyrics, this particular song – and the cause it’s promoting – have particular significance to Tom Ryder. The track was written when, within a year of each other, both Tom’s father and grandfather were diagnosed with cancer.

Naturally, this led to a re-shuffle of family and personal priorities, and it’s this feeling that Tom hopes to capture in the lyrics of the song.

Of course, ‘the big C’ is an issue which has affected many people’s lives. Kudos to Tom Ryder for doing his bit to battle its affects.


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