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After a month of suspenseful anticipation, with little news about the progress of the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall, Respawn finally came out earlier this week to reveal that the game will be released in the UK this Friday, April 11th.

The media blackout surrounding the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall caused a number of theories to begin circulating the gamer sphere, focusing specifically on the quality and performance of this version of the game. After the hype created in promoting the games next-gen launch, players took the blackout as a sign that the 360 version would not run as well and it was EA’s and Respawn way of distancing themselves before launch.


Recent news that Bluepoint Games had taken over the development of the Xbox 360 version, instead of the original developers Respawn Entertainment, added further confusion to the progress of the game. However with the release of in-game footage and screenshots following the release date announcement, we finally have answers, and can start to put people’s minds at ease.

Players will be glad to hear that the 360 version will contain all the maps, modes and content found within its Xbox One/PC counterpart, and although there are some differences between the next-gen and older-gen versions of Titanfall, the differences are smaller than you’d expect. The blurriness of the textures being the most noticeable of these differences, Bluepoint Games has included several frame rate options, to allow players to get the most out of the game.

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Eurogamer’s Richard Leadbetter summarises his performance review of the game by saying “it’s safe to say that Bluepoint Games has more than exceeded expectations…First impressions suggest a well-managed conversion that has made intelligent trade-offs, while retaining all the key features as well as the core of the gameplay experience.”

It seems like Respawn made the right choice entrusting Bluepoint to develop this game. If everything runs as well as it’s meant to, then we’re likely to see a whole host of new pilots entering the Titanfall universe by the end of the week.

More information news and information about the game, can be found on the Titanfall Website.

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