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the-Lost-Cavalry-three-cheers-for-the-undertakerReleased 2013

The Lost Cavalry are a six piece from London. Yet listening to Three Cheers For The Undertaker, their music seems much more worldly and rural than their enclosed city origins would have you believe. Lost cavalry indeed.

Perhaps it’s the compelling mix of indie and gentle folk that makes for this broad, outdoor kind of feel to their music, but much like escaping from the city, their music is a breath of fresh air.

It is not particularly revolutionary, and there is nothing that is totally new or original, but it’s clear that it’s not recycled or imitating. They somehow sound familiar and unoriginal but at the same time like no one out there does it, or does it better. In truth that is probably the real heart of their music: that rare ability to make the new sound familiar, or make their music sound like it has always been bleeding out your speakers.

Stars Are Ripe with its wonderfully poetic title and Mumford & Sons-esque charm is probably the best example of their indie-folk feel, and with some engaging brass backing, it all sounds huge and uplifting. The opening Secret Steps is another choice cut, as is the gently rolling country blues of Stare Out To Sea with a melancholy wistfulness the late Johnny Cash would have been proud of.

Three Cheers For The Undertaker is a celebration of British cross-genre music in all its finery. The Lost Cavalry sound so at ease with themselves and their music that it could be as much the soundtrack to a lazy day stroll as a statement of musical intent. With this record the Cavalry are lost no more. Enjoy this chill out record while the last of our British summer sun still shines brightly.


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