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I’ve been a huge fan of Ryan Woodward’s work since I saw his Martha Graham Google doodle a few years ago. The animation, commemorating the life of the legendary choreographer, was short, sweet and completely unlike any animation I’d ever seen. The Google doodle however, is nothing in comparison to Woodward’s short 2-D animated film, Thought Of You. Featuring the song World Spins Madly On by The Weepies, the film leaves me speechless with it’s elegance and perfect representation of both a dance duet and the lyrics of the song.

Woodward has worked as a storyboard/concept artist and animator on many Hollywood films (Snow White and The Huntsman, Iron Man 2, Where The Wild Things Are, Space Jam) but his ability to create such stunning short films somehow surpasses the large scale projects with an understated ease. It seems natural for animation and dance to be used together and yet you don’t see enough of it. Hopefully Woodward’s work will inspire other storyboard artists and animators to work with dance in the future.


Behind the scenes: vimeo.com/21096567

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