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From the first trailer for Michael Fassbender’s latest movie Slow West and the announcement that Sony are developing a 300-style Romeo and Juliet adaptation, to the news about the long-awaited Independence Day sequel, this has been an intriguing week in the world of cinema. Join us as we round up everything you need to know about the hottest cinema news:

Slow West official first trailer: Intriguing western starring Michael Fassbender and Kodi Smit-McPhee

The first trailer has dropped for the much-hyped Slow West, an upcoming western-with-a-twist in which The Road’s Kodi Smit-McPhee plays Jay Cavendish, a sixteen year old boy who journeys from Scotland to 19th century frontier America in search of the girl he loves, accompanied the enigmatic Silas (Michael Fassbender).

The trailer is action-packed and intriguing, indicating that the movie will juxtapose its traditional western style with humour, stunning scenery, romance and a fairy-tale-esque quest narrative. Fassbender’s enigmatic Silas narrates the trailer, which begins with Jay happily in love with girlfriend Rose in Scotland before showing him alone in the isolated plains of Frontier America.
slow-west-stillAs Fassbender’s narration tells us “Once upon a time, Jay Cavendish travelled from the cold shoulder of Scotland to the baking heart of America, to find his love”. Fassbender’s Silas takes Jay under his wing, but can he be trusted? Rose and her father have been wrongly framed for a crime and have a $2000 price tag on their heads, and so Jay and Silas find themselves pursued by Payne, a bloodthirsty bounty hunter played by Ben Mendelsohn.

Following its debut at Sundance this January, the film was awarded the Sundance Institute’s World Cinema Jury Prize: Dramatic Winner. The star-power of Fassbender, the intriguing plot and the high calibre cast promise this John Maclean directed movie will make waves in theatres following its release this summer.

Upcoming Movie News: Romeo and Juliet meets 300, more updates on Beauty and the Beast and confirmation of Independence Day 2

The award for most unusual premise for a movie goes to Sony’s proposed take on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet; the classic tale will be reimagined in a 300-style setting and entitled ‘Verona’. Writers Neil Widener and Gavin James came up with the concept and are said to have been inspired by the gritty, ethereal world of Jack Snyder’s 300.

How exactly this will come to fruition is hard to say. The proposed idea does beg the question of whether we really need another filmic take on Shakespeare’s classic? Nevertheless, Baz Luhrmann’s iconic 1996 take on the story was an adaptation which reimagined the play’s setting to great effect, so perhaps we should hold judgement on this one until further information surfaces.
romeo-and-julietThis week Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson in the titular role, was given a release date of 17 March 2017. Disney also announced the two newest additions to the all-star cast; in a perfect piece of casting, Oscar-winner Emma Thompson will play Mrs Potts, whilst Kevin Kline will play Belle’s father. Meanwhile Josh Gad (voice of Olaf in Frozen) is in negotiations to play LeFou.
Twenty years after the original, a sequel to Independence Day is in the works, albeit without star Will Smith. The film is due to be released on 24 June 2016 and this week it was announced that British-French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg (Nymphomaniac) has joined the cast and original star Vivica A Fox will return to the role of Jasmine. The cast also includes The Hunger Games’ Liam Hemsworth, Jessie Usher (as the son of Will Smith’s character Steven Hiller) and Jeff Goldblum, who will reprise his role as David Levinson.

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