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With the last seven days mostly dedicated to the World Cup, Culturefly still rounds up the highlights of the week’s movie news, with all the latest announcements and trailers from Hollywood to Pinewood.

Upcoming Projects

Hocus Pocus fans may be disappointed but Tina Fey supporters can still rejoice as the bespectacled genius is set to direct an “Untitled Witch Project” of Ghostbusters nature. The Disney produced film had originally been strongly rumoured as a sequel to the 1993 original Hocus Pocus film, but these whispers have since been quashed.

A definite sequel that has been confirmed this week is Pacific Rim 2, as Guillermo del Toro has announced that the follow up to last year’s chaotic monster/robot blockbuster will arrive in 2017. Del Toro has divulged that many of the first film’s original characters will be back, and Pacific Rim 2 will see a greater examination of the world created in its predecessor.

In Trailers

Horrible Bosses 2 gave us a first trailer this week, and it appears that Dale, Nick and Kurt are back on form, as is Jennifer Aniston as the highly sexual Julia. The trailer appears to deliver more of the same of the first film, which given its success is no surprise. The film is due for release in November

After a well-intentioned turn in 4th of July release Tammy, Melissa McCarthy tones it down for St Vincent, which is due for release in the US in October (there is yet to be a confirmed date in the UK.) Also starring Bill Murray, Chris O’Dowd and Naomi Watts, this dark comedy promises a traditional story of a messed up mentor tutoring an aimless youth on the meaning of life.

The new trailer for Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher has sent murmurs across the web of award nominations for its star, Channing Tatum. The shorter second trailer, which focuses mainly on Tatum’s victory thirsty Mark Schultz, hints at the cost of winning and a dark recount of the true events that took place in 1996.

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