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This week the trailer premiered for Robin William’s Boulevard, a thought-provoking drama which tragically features Williams in his last on-screen role. The short preview has been greeted with praise and widespread admiration for Williams performance. Read on for a first look at this trailer and a round-up of other film news from the past week.

Boulevard: First Trailer Released For Robin Williams’ Final Dramatic Film

Director Dito Montiel’s upcoming drama Boulevard chronicles the story of Nolan Mack, a sixty-year-old man who confronts his suppressed sexuality after a chance encounter with a young street hustler leads to their growing friendship.

Academy-Award winning actor Robin Williams plays Nolan. Williams’ touching performance has already been praised for its nuances and poignancy. In the short trailer, Williams’ subtly and heart-breakingly conveys his characters discontent and dejection.

The film has an added sense of sadness, given the circumstances around Williams’ death last year. This context infuses the trailer with a sense of melancholy, but the preview does end on an optimistic note with a friend advising Nolan that: “It’s never too late to finally start living the life you really want.”

Williams’ performance has been lauded as one of his best dramatic roles and the film has been praised for its sensitive and subtle handling of its subject. Boulevard will be released in the US on 10 July 2015.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt to star together in Passengers

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have won over cinemagoers with their matchless mix of talent and likability. Now the two most amiable actors in Hollywood are set to collaborate on Sony’s Passengers, a new sci-fi romance.

Passengers has been in development for some time. This week the movie edged further towards production: the phenomenal success of Pratt’s current blockbuster Jurassic World’s quenched Sony’s alleged fears that Pratt lacked enough commercial clout to carry the film. Instead, his rave reviews and commanding screen presence resulted in the company reportedly raising his proposed salary for the film.

Notably, however, Lawrence’s more established status, her Oscar win and her string of hit films mean she will be paid $8 million more than Pratt for the project.

The news that Lawrence was paid less than her male counterparts in the ensemble film American Hustle, as revealed in last year’s Sony hack, was greeted with outrage. It appears the filmmakers are seeking not to repeat this mistake.

Passengers is set in the far future and follows a spacecraft which is transporting thousands of people to a distant colony. A malfunction in one of the sleep chambers causes a single passenger to awake ninety years before anyone else. Terrified at the prospect of growing old and dying alone, he decides to awaken a fellow passenger and the two unexpectedly fall in love.

The presence of two of the most in-demand actors in the business, the popularity of recent space-set films such as Gravity and Interstellar and the position of Morten Tyldum, Oscar-nominated director of The Imitation Game, in the directors chair, all point towards a fascinating, highly-awaited new project. Passengers begins shooting in September.

Poldark’s Aidan Turner Lands Role In New York Based Movie Look Away
aiden-turner-poldarkBBC1’s period drama Poldark is one of UK televisions biggest hits of 2015. Viewers quickly fell for with the show’s pacey plot, atmospheric shots of gorgeous Cornwall landscapes and compelling performances from equally gorgeous actors.

As Poldark prepares to premiere in the United States, news lands that Irish actor Aidan Turner, who plays the eponymous Poldark, has landed himself a new role Stateside.

Turner will star as the main love interest in offbeat comedy Look Away, alongside Matthew Broderick, Chloë Sevigny, and up-and-coming British actress Shannon Tarbet.

The movie follows Bess (Tarbet) a young girl who grows up unable to see her mother due to a fictional affliction called selective blindness. With the help of an eccentric psychiatrist and a local, accidental hero, Bess learns how to take hold of her life and her own future.

Prior to Poldark, Turner was best known for his ensemble role as a dwarf in The Hobbit series and as vampire Mitchell in must-see BBC3 series Being Human.

Look Away begins filming this month in New York.

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