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thanks-for-sharing-posterExtending our weekend at the movies segment into this week too, there’s plenty on offer from the movie world, something for everyone you might say.

This week sees James McAvoy turn nasty as a very dodgy copper in FILTH. Adapted from Irvine Welsh’s novel this dark comedy has been getting rave reviews so is definitely going to be a must see… If you can stomach the graphic-ness of it all.

THANKS FOR SHARING is another of those naughty American comedies about being a sex addict which is bound to clean up at the box office. Inexplicably though it stars Bruce Banner and Pepper Potts from the Marvel universe… Oh, and P!nk… Or whatever the hell she’s called…

HOW I LIVE NOW is a ‘what if?’ style film about an American teenager spending time in Britain when, all of a sudden and without due forethought, World War 3 breaks out. How will she survive? …Dunno, probably have to see it and find out.

And on Blu-ray is the animated film EPIC. Featuring the voices of Colin Farrell and Amanda Seyfried it tells the tale of a girl who discovers these tiny people called Leafmen. Happened to me once too…

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