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Big casting news and even bigger trailers made this a bumper week for blockbusters. We take a look in this week’s movie round-up.

Casting news:

The Danny Boyle/Steve Jobs biopic is again in disarray after Christian Bale announced his departure from the project. The film, which has seen a change in director as well as actor, is now looking for a new leading star, while Seth Rogen is in talks to play Steve Wozniak.

Heading out to the Wild West and Quentin Tarantino has confirmed the cast of his next project, The Hateful Eight. Hot property Channing Tatum has signed on for a small role, as well as Tarantino newcomer Damian Bichir. The film is due for release next year.

In Trailers:

Neill Blomkamp’s latest film, Chappie, received its first trailer on Tuesday. Set in a dystopian future in Blomkamp’s native Johannesburg, Chappie follows a robot prodigy who is cared for by Dev Patel. The film also stars Hugh Jackman and Sigourney Weaver, and will be released in March next year.

On Thursday we got taken further Into the Woods with a new trailer for the Disney musical. With a better look at some of the film’s key players including the mysterious Johnny Depp as The Wolf and a deceptively charming Chris Pine as Cinderella’s Prince, the trailer also revealed it’s musical themes, with Meryl Streep showcasing her vocal talents for the first time since Mamma Mia!.

We also got the latest trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. The final chapter in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy shows the dwarves and Martin Freeman’s Bilbo Baggins fighting not only Smaug, the unruly dragon voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, but also Sauron’s army of orcs. The concluding film will be released in the UK next month.

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