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This Week In Celebrity Tweets – Friday 31st May Edition

This Week In Celebrity Tweets – Friday 31st May Edition

It was a majorly slow week tweet wise, with a vast number of snore-worthy twitterings from celebrities around the world. Perhaps the world slows down at the end of the month and with it, people’s ability to tweet interesting anecdotes. There were a few that stuck in our minds though and no, Justin Bieber doesn’t feature (you’ll be heart-broken to hear!).

Our favourite tweets of the week are:

Actress Brittany Snow managed to put into words what women everywhere are thinking.

Our first glimpse of the mmmhopsbear in reality. THIS IS AMAZING!

Simon Cowell blabbering about himself again. Was he looking in the mirror when he came up with this little gem?

If you’re a fan of Made In Chelsea and love the cringing hilarity of it all, you should follow Rick Edwards on twitter. He’s on fire when it comes to mocking the ‘classy’ MIC cast. If you need an example, here it is…

Here’s hoping for a more exciting week of tweets next week!

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