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This Week In Celebrity Tweets : Friday 21st June Edition

This Week In Celebrity Tweets : Friday 21st June Edition

After a couple of weeks away from the twittersphere, the celebrity tweets have built up like post on a doormat. So after sifting through the junk mail, here are our favourite tweets from the last two weeks. Warning: they’re real good.

Did you keep a straight face when Simon Cowell tweeted this little gem?! Nah, we didn’t either. You can’t say that Britain doesn’t have talent. In fact, that egg throwing girl was very talented. Her aim looked impeccable. Don’t you think Simon?

We can always count on Zoe Saldana to be all philosophical and, seeing as Shawshank is perhaps one of the best films ever made, this tweet deserved to be repeated.

Chris Evans on the rare and elusive beast that is summer. No jacket, jumper, cardi OR COAT? What were you thinking Evans? Mad man.

Yes gals, we gotta police those food pics already! Don’t you just love Dax Shepard?

The bracelet test is the most effective.

It’s safe to say that the entire world cried a little upon the announcement of the Kimye baby name. Kat Dennings went one step further and actually died.

See you next week tweet peeps.


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