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This week our twitter feed was taken over by some side-splittingly silly celebrity tweets – unsurprisingly Bieber’s face popped up next to most of them. There were however some real gems amongst the more mundane tweets that deserve a little love (or hate as the case may be).

– Hayden Panettiere made us all nostalgic with a photo of her character in Heroes. She’s not the only one who misses the good ol’ days. BRING BACK HEROES!

– American Airlines must have royally screwed up to deserve such a scathing tweet from Silverman.

  – No. Just no. We’ve had enough tears from Louise Thompson to last us a lifetime – her playing Juliet would be the last straw.

– My Monday nights in a nutshell.

– I think many people in the UK might disagree with this statement. American or UK version? I’m divided. Thoughts?

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