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This Week In Celebrity Tweets – Friday 10th May Edition

This Week In Celebrity Tweets – Friday 10th May Edition

Celebrity tweets this week were a mixed bunch, ranging from funny to practical to pointless. As ever, they’ll probably make you feel better about yourself when you’re done perusing. You’re welcome.

– The first celebrity tweet is sponsored by the Biebs who proves to the world that he really is a fascinating person after all.

Or not. How this gained 63, 556 retweets (and counting) is truly baffling.

– Dane Cook may be a full-time jokester but this week marked his first sensible tweet in quite a while. Preach!

– And I thought Bieber was the King of pointless tweets. Sorry Justin but you’ve been knocked off your throne by Ariana Grande. Evidently she didn’t delete this particular tweet, which I think I can safely say we all wish she had.

– Chris Evans pondering one of life’s great mysteries. Do you think that’s God’s way of telling us to drink?

– Best. News. Ever. London in September is suddenly looking very good.

– Thank you Greg James for saying what everyone was thinking.

– Tweet of the week now and I speak on behalf of women everywhere when I say – I salute you Lena Dunham.

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