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Filth-PosterAs we draw towards the end of the year, the film calendar begins to tempt us with its first potential Oscar/BAFTA contenders. This month includes James McAvoy drunk, Benedict Cumberbatch with ridiculous hair & Tom Hanks playing a real-life hero. For those craving something a bit more mindless, we have a murderous Mexican (not a Mexi-can’t) returning to undoubtedly reap more vengeance. Plus, the return of everyone’s favorite Norse God heralds the next step in Marvel’s unstoppable canon.

Filth (Dir. Jon S. Baird) – Released: Oct. 4th – Ever since we first glimpsed the posters of a disheveled James McAvoy climbing a ladder of cocaine, anticipation for Filth has grown rapidly. Based on the novel by Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh, Filth is an unashamed celebration of sordid depravity. It follows McAvoy’s corrupt detective Bruce Robertson as he tries to both gain promotion and win back his wife, while drowning in a sea of drugs & alcohol. With assured direction by Jon S. Baird, Filth has every chance of being this decade’s answer to Danny Boyle’s drug-fueled classic.

The Fifth Estate (Dir. Bill Condon) – Released Oct. 11th – It’s a story that has helped define the digital generation and continues to stir great debate across society; The Fifth Estate chronicles the birth of WikiLeaks and the impact it had on its founder Julien Assange & colleague Daniel Domscheit-Berg. With the American government continuing to pursue Assange for the secrets he revealed, The Fifth Estate is a modern day cyber-thriller with continuing resonance and will likely make a superb companion piece to this year’s brilliant documentary We Steal Secrets.

Machete Kills (Dir. Robert Rodriguez) – Released Oct. 11th – It looks like someone else has just messed with the wrong Mexican, because Machete is back to deliver another bloodthirsty can of whoop-ass. With Danny Trejo returning as the eponymous knife wielder and the promise of Sofia Vergara causing mayhem with a machine-gun fitted bra, Machete’s latest outing looks to be another unabashed slice of mayhem. Here’s hoping it’s equally as fun!

Captain Phillips (Dir. Paul Greengrass) – Released Oct. 18th – Based on the astonishing true story of cargo ship captain Richard Phillips, who risked his life to protect his crew from a group of armed pirates, Captain Phillips may well be one of the most exciting cinematic experiences this year. Directed by Paul Greengrass, who’s already shown his ability to recreate powerful historic events with United 93 & starring Tom Hanks in the title role, you will have your first chance to see Captain Phillips when it opens the London Film Festival on October 10th before its nationwide release later in the month.

Thor: The Dark World (Dir. Alan Taylor) – Released Oct. 30th – Still wearing his mother’s drapes, the God of Thunder is back to once again do battle with the forces of evil. With Marvel now gearing up for it’s second Avengers outing, Thor will continue to lay the groundwork that began in Iron Man 3. This time, Thor must do battle with a new enemy that threatens to destroy both Earth & Asgard and push his companionship with Jane Forster in a new, potentially life-changing direction.

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