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man-of-steel-posterThe official start of summer means that the cinematic blockbuster season is now well and truly underway; huge explosions and gaping plotholes abound for the next 3 months. In June we have sci-fi, Superman and scary zombies to tickle your fancy. But we still have something for you drama lovers, with Before Midnight heralding the conclusion to one of cinemas finest romantic trilogies.

After Earth (Dir. M. Night Shyamalan) – Starring Will & Jaden Smith, After Earth is Shyamalan’s attempt to get back on top after a lengthy string of awful films. It follows a father and son who crash land on a deserted Earth; 1000 years after humanity have left. With his father injured, son Kitai must travel a perilous journey across the planet to send a distress signal. With young Jaden looking to properly establish himself, After Earth is his opportunity to reach out from under his father’s shadow by taking the lead action role in this big budget Hollywood film.

Man Of Steel (Dir. Zack Snyder) It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Superman! Directed by Zack Watchmen Snyder and produced by Chris Dark Knight Nolan, Man Of Steel looks to be the Superman reboot we’ve been waiting for. Taking the series back to its roots and bringing in the relatively unheard of Henry Cavill as the Man in The Suit, Man Of Steel looks to write the wrongs of Superman Returns. By pitting Superman against General Zod, Snyder is able to establish & explore the Kryptonian world and with the mind-blowing special effects teased in the trailer; Man of Steel will hopefully fill that void left in The Dark Knight’s wake.

Before Midnight (Dir. Richard Linklater) – 18 years ago, we first met Jesse and Celine for a magical night in Vienna. Then 9 years later, the two collided for an unforgettable day in Paris. Now, 9 years after, they’re in Greece, having married and had children. The chemistry between Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy has always felt natural and that’s why fans have been willing to invest so much time in their onscreen relationship; with Before Midnight fans will finally get closure on Jesse and Celine’s epic relationship.

World War Z (Dir. Marc Forster) – With such a troubled time in production, it’ll be exciting to find out if World War Z will be worth the wait. Based on the celebrated novel by Max Brooks, the film promises an epic scale depiction of war against the undead. Starring Brad Pitt, who has also been heavily involved in the production, Forster’s film has been described as a globetrotting action thriller with both brains and brawn. Pitt and co. must feel confident, as talk of turning the film into the first part of a trilogy is already underway.

This Is The End (Dir. Evan Goldberg & Seth Rogen) After a heavy month of action and drama, This Is The End will hopefully provide the perfect comedic antidote. Starring a host of Hollywood a-listers, playing themselves, This Is The End shows what might happen in Beverly Hills if the apocalypse happens. Boasting a crop of comic talent, led by SNL legends Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill, This Is The End has the potential to be the comic gem of the year.

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