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January was a busy month in film, with many of the big Oscar contenders (including Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty & Les Miserables) being released. Having experienced all the power and emotion coursing through such films, it would be nice to sit down and watch something fun in February. Plus, don’t forget it is Valentines Day on the 14th, meaning the cinemas will be full of clichéd romantic comedies. Yay… No matter, here are the 5 films I’m looking forward to in the coming month.

1. Flight (Dir. Robert Zemeckis) – Denzel Washington is Oscar nominated in a film that also marks Bob Zemeckis’s return to live action cinema. Washington plays Whip Whitaker, an alcoholic airline pilot who saves many lives when landing a stricken plane. But, as he’s labeled a hero by the media, Whip must contend with the legal pressure of being discovered with alcohol in his system at the time of the crash. Chances are Washington’s performance alone will be worth the price of admission for Flight.

2. Wreck-It Ralph (Dir. Rich Moore) – It’s rare that I show any interest in an animation film that doesn’t have the Pixar label on it, but Wreck-It Ralph looks to be superior fun. We follow Ralph, the villain of a popular arcade game who’s fed up with spending his days playing the bad guy. So he decides to abandon his video game in search of world where he is more appreciated. Creating a visually stunning new world of what goes on behind the screens of our arcade games, Wreck-It Ralph will hopefully be a return to form for Disney after a couple of lackluster years.

3. I Give It A Year (Dir. Dan Mazer) – If you’ve been to the cinema recently, chances are you would have seen an advert for this new Brit Rom-Com from the writer of Borat. It follows Josh and Nat (Rafe Spall & Rose Byrne), who get married after a few months of knowing each other. However, as they embark upon the first year of their union, they realize that jumping in to marriage feet first may not have been the best idea. It may not be wholly original but with a top supporting cast and some superior laughs, I Give It A Year looks to be the best date film for this Valentines Day.

4. A Good Day To Die Hard (Dir. John Moore) – For those more interested in getting their Valentines Day kicks from action and mayhem, then look no further than A Good Day To Die Hard. John McClane is back, vest and all, to do battle in Moscow with the help of his son. While the quality of the Die Hard films have weakened over the years, they’re still enormous fun and Bruce still holds the screen effortlessly… “Yippee Ki-Yay

5. To The Wonder (Dir. Terrence Malick)
Having baffled many (myself included) with The Tree of Life, Terrence Malick returns to the screen with a more narratively strong picture that still promotes the directors fantastic eye for artistry. Following the break down of a relationship and all those affected by it, Malick’s latest looks to have the power to rival his finest feature, The Thin Red Line.

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