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spring-breakers-poster-1You wouldn’t know it from the weather, but we’re creeping ever closer to summer and thusly a torrent of big budget, blockbuster releases is just around the corner. This month sees the release of Hollywood’s first big blockbuster, Iron Man 3; the film I’m probably looking forward to the most this summer. But, it’s not the only film to look forward to this month, see below for the five films I think you must see this month!

Spring Breakers (Dir. Harmony Korine) – Sexy & stylish, Spring Breakers looks to be some of best fun you’ll have at the cinema this year. The film follows a quartet of college girls who end up in jail after turning over a restaurant to fund their Spring Break vacation. Then drug lord Alien bails the girls out, promising them a thrilling spring break they’ll never forget. Starring a nearly unrecognizable James Franco as Alien and with a soundtrack that’ll blow the roof off, Spring Breakers is an intoxicating mix of violence and beauty that will both shock and entertain you.

The Place Beyond The Pines (Dir. Derek Cianfrance) – Reteaming actor Ryan Gosling and director Derek Cianfrance, The Place Beyond The Pines is being talked up as the thriller of the year. Gosling is a stunt motorcyclist who turns to a life of crime to help provide for his lover and their newborn child. This brings him to the interest of a rookie cop, trying to navigate a precinct full of corrupt officers. Co-starring Bradley Cooper & Eva Mendez and with a potent mix of intense narrative and incredible imagery, be sure to see The Place Beyond The Pines when it’s released on April 12th.

Olympus Has Fallen (Dir. Antoine Fuqua) – Hollywood has once again decided to release 2 very comparable films mere months apart, with the similarly plotted White House Down due for release later in the summer. For now we’ll have to make do with Antoine Fuqua’s vision of an attack on the White House with Olympus Has Fallen – an action packed thrill ride in which North Korea attempts to strike at the heart of the free world. Starring Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman, Olympus Has Fallen has the director and the star power to be a film highlight this month.

Promised Land (Dir. Gus Van Sant) – Directed by Gus Van Sant of Good Will Hunting and starring Matt Damon, Promised Land is a drama of what happens when you find yourself foregoing your morals to better your career. Matt Damon plays Steve, a sales executive of a natural gas company who is looking to drill in a small farming town similar to the one he saw crippled as he grew up. Support comes from Francis McDormand and the revered Hal Holbrook and the film looks to be a fantastic return to form from Van Sant, who hasn’t made a notable film since 2008’s Milk.

Iron Man 3 (Dir. Shane Black) – It’s a film so big that the trailer alone has had any number of stereotypical nerds reaching frantically for their asthma inhalers; yes Iron Man 3, the next Marvel tale to be told after last years superb Avengers Assemble, hits cinemas at the end of April. Picking up after the events of Avengers, Iron Man 3 sees Tony Stark (everyone’s favorite arrogant billionaire) doing battle with Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin. With Shane (Lethal Weapon/Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) Black in the director’s chair, I’m already hot-tipping Iron Man 3 to be one of my top films of 2013!

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