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Pixar’s first Finding Dory trailer has finally been released, Star Wars: The Force Awakens come out next month, and with it comes the addition of those wonderful annual treats as Hollywood delivers us new and exciting Christmas movies throughout the whole of December. This time of year is the best time to be a film fan and no four films this November could set us up for it any better. From a highly anticipated biography drama to the final chapter in Katniss Everdeen’s story, these are the movies you mustn’t miss this month.

Bridge of Spies

Set during the beginning of the Cold War, the CIA recruit a defense lawyer to represent a captured Soviet Union spy. Why would they do that, you ask? Well the Soviets have also captured one of America’s own, and both countries want their men back. So as to not cause alarm, the US government have to keep very hush hush about why they’re not punishing a countryman of their nearest geopolitical rivals.

In all this secrecy however, James Donovon (Tom Hanks) must personally deal with all the backlash of the outraged American public. From both an international standpoint and a very personal one for the American lawyer, this true story is chilling, insightful and certainly unmissable when it comes out on November 27.

Steve Jobs

Since Apple became the world-dominating corporate power that it is today, its iPhones and iMacs have been scrutinised more than any other mass-consumer product in the technological market. Why is it then that except for Ashton Kutcher’s portrayal as Steve Jobs in the 2013 biographical drama, the multibillionaire CEO of Apple Computers has never been given as much screen time as his company’s smartphones and laptops?

Legendary director Danny Boyle and super screenwriter Aaron Sorkin team up to tell the story of the man who was both hated and loved. With a fascinating personal history and a charismatic on-stage smile that some saw through, Jobs was sometimes accused as being a horrible leader who benefited from the brains of those who worked under him. If any writer-director duo can approach such a sensitive story, it’s Boyle and Sorkin, and with Michael Fassbender taking on the role as the Apple co-founder himself, this drama will surely be a compelling film worth seeing.

How ironic would it be if your cinema accepted payments for your tickets through Apple Pay?! Those tickets can be redeemed when Boyle’s latest project comes out on November 13.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2

It’s another year, which must mean another Hunger Games movie, right? Oh yes look, November 19 we have Mockingjay Part 2. To be fair to the franchise, it has been a consistently successful and praised series, even if it is an annual event, and early reviews of Part 2 suggest the final instalment will go out with a bang. I mean that in a literal sense too.

The final Hunger Games movie will give us the awaited showdown between Katniss and the Capitol’s tyrant, President Snow. The archer and assassin will march all 13 Districts of Panem into a full-blown revolutionary war in the midst of the 76th Hunger Games – the most sadistic one yet where the entire city is rigged with all sorts of traps. Don’t miss Katniss overcome the dystopian, oppressive regime when it releases in the UK next week.


He’s gone from alcoholic bachelor to FBI agent to America’s most successful sniper to a Marvel superhero. If anyone’s career is getting more and more glamorous with each film he makes, it’s Bradley Cooper. One of Hollywood’s most current and sought after men is currently doing the rounds with the equally sexy Sienna Miller on UK talk shows as the acting duo promote their new film Burnt. Mr Cooper plays a down and out chef seeking to rebuild his tarnished reputation as his character relocates to London to become a 3 Michelin star maestro.

In this character driven story, both Cooper and Miller deliver one of their most intense performances yet – we all know how stressful the kitchen can be – and you can catch it in cinemas now if you haven’t already done so since its release on the November 6.

So, short and sweet is this month’s list of top movie picks, but I’m sure a concoction of Tom Hanks, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper is a warm-up act plenty heady enough until the real winter cocktails of next month’s movie set-list creeps into the calendar. It’s the calm before the storm as they say. Star Wars hype is real!

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