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This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll Volume 2 – The Quireboys Review

This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll Volume 2 – The Quireboys Review

this-is-rock-n-roll-the-quireboysReleased: October 2014

The Quireboys are the ultimate band of ‘nearly’ men. Possessing a cache of tunes that could have been radio hits and wouldn’t have been out of place on a Guns N’ Roses record, something happened along the way which meant their path destined for greatness just veered off course before they hit the big time.

And This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll Volume 2 really serves to cement that reputation. Over 17 tracks there is great value for money, and a consistency most bands wish they could muster.

If Muse or the Foo Fighters had submitted the opening track or the bonus There She Goes Again to radio stations, it would have become an overnight hit, such is the quality of the writing.

Vocalist Spike sounds like a sleazy mash up of Rod Stewart and Axl Rose’s larynxes, spitting the venomous refrains of Hey You in what is possibly the most glorious sing-along anthem written for back garden barbecues or sweaty rock clubs.

Prominent on the touring circuit, and with a plethora of albums, The Quireboys are one of the hardest working bands out there, and while one can’t help but feel they still think they are 16 and working towards the big time, you have to admire the level of effort they put into their craft.

This is one of the best records you will hear this year, and a testament to both their talent and hard-working ethic. Rock has never sounded so effortless.


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