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Things Go Bump In The Night In Penny Dreadful – Trailer

Things Go Bump In The Night In Penny Dreadful – Trailer

Eva Green and Josh Hartnett star in Showtime’s new supernatural series, Penny Dreadful. It’s got more blood, sex and vague, ominous threats of the unknown than you can shake a stick at but is it all style over substance?

While focussing mostly on leading lady Eva Green, the trailer gives us a few snapshots of supporting stars Billie Piper and some others that are hidden beneath prosthetics and period attire. Also it comes from an impressive filmmaking pedigree and at first glance it looks like they’ve pulled no punches in terms of visual or content. However, the trailer shows very little of the connections to traditional Gothic literature that the show is supposed to be centred around.

It looks unlike any other sci-fi, horror or fantasy TV show we’ve seen for a while but it remains to be seen if there is a strong story arc to hold up the concept.

Penny Dreadful airs in the US in May.

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