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There’s A Last Time For Everything – Lucy Wainwright Roche

There’s A Last Time For Everything – Lucy Wainwright Roche


Artists have to craft themselves to be distinguished and, as far as I’m concerned, this album – There’s A Last Time For Everything – gives me a clear sense that  Lucy Wainwright Roche has found her place in the music industry. The perpetual mood track after track, supported by tantalising vocals and drunken-state like honesty, mingle with your emotions and give the album a nostalgic feel.

All of the songs resemble lullabies that hold an underlying story and it’s Lucy’s ability to write retrospectively that separates her from the rest. Lyrically, there is resemblance to her father (Loudon Wainwright iii) who has released songs that are raw and chronicle what he once went through. Not only that, but her mother (Suzzy Roche) once took to the stage with a band called The Roches. So it’s fair to say that the talent and drive to succeed musically runs in the family.

The album consists of contributions from equally talented artists such as Mary Chapin Carpenter in A Quiet Line and Colin Meloy in Seek and Hide. The integration of voices in the two songs emphasise the beauty and compatibility of Lucy’s undeniably harmonious vocals, which resonates softly in thin air long after the song has finished.

There’s A Last Time For Everything is an album for when you’re feeling content. It can get you to make your own interpretations about the tracks and adapt your present emotion or situation to the song. So sit back and feel the warmth of Lucy Wainwright Roche’s voice embrace you.


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