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Then Thickens at the Leeds Met – Live At Leeds Review

Then Thickens at the Leeds Met – Live At Leeds Review

© HatchRecords/Twitter
© HatchRecords/Twitter

Beginning life as a solo venture for Jon-Lee Martin, he soon turned Then Thickens into a band proposition, and has now formed a six-piece line-up featuring two guitars and a keyboard.

Martin shares dual vocals with singer Helen Thorpe, and the two play off each other well, although a little lost in the mix during their Met Stage 2 performance.

Then Thickens are however one of those bands who are not easy to categorise, which is a good feature for a band as it shows some true originality. Their music is built on a plethora of anthemic chorus hooks, honed on a corner stone of alternative rock chords.

With their debut album Death Cap At Anglezarke due imminently, the band were clearly excited to test some songs, and the healthy crowd gathered showed their appreciation duly.

At times a little middle of the road and forgettable, a little more life on stage would have helped to elevate their set, but on the whole Then Thickens have some good tunes and a growing following.


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