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The Way We Look At Horses – Trent Dabbs

The Way We Look At Horses – Trent Dabbs

Trent-dabbs-twwlah-coverReleased: 2013

Looking at the record cover for The Way We Look At Horses, the 8th album by singer/songwriter Trent Dabbs, you get the impression he likes horses. Listening to the opening title track you know that he definitely does, and the theme of equine therapy (horse assisted therapy) is prevalent throughout. As a backdrop for an album it is most certainly unusual but does it work?

On the whole, yes it does. It’s clear that equine therapy has influenced his music, capturing moments of epic majesty in the opening track, to the charging She’s My Destination with a chorus hook to die for and wrapped up in the country charm of Dabbs’ native Nashville.

Like lots of current singer/songwriter music currently going, there’s a worldly feel to Dabbs’ music which conjures thoughts of hidden waterfalls and vast rolling mountains bearing down upon one man and his music. It will perhaps come as no surprise that the likes of Mountain Song and the jangling guitar solo of Midnight Walls evokes such imagery.

The Way We Look At Horses is a solid record. Nothing ground-breaking, but plenty of feel-good hooks to lose yourself in, and with seven previous albums under his belt he knows how to write a good tune. It’s lazy day and inspiring all at the same time, and so easy to listen to you won’t want it to stop. Lovely stuff.


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