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The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 13 Review

The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 13 Review


If we’re looking at season five in bitesize chunks of similar material, then ‘Forget’ was certainly the culmination of the integration storyline that began last week in ‘Remember’. And, true to its name, this week’s episode showed how various members of the group have begun to assimilate and forget.

But not everyone it would seem; Sasha’s rebellion was one of the more intriguing elements of the episode. It was due to commendable scripting that she should be turned around during ‘Forget’, as she was painted in a very unsympathetic light at the start. Sure, you might be uncomfortable sleeping in a house with spurious pictures of a long-gone family, but while most people would just take them down and put them aside, she takes it upon herself to take the pictures out and create an impromptu shooting range.
the-walking-dead-forget-02Yet as the episode continued, the audience were given a chance to feel slightly sympathetic, as some of the more undesirable elements of civilisation crept into sight. There was the obvious nepotism, as Sasha was overlooked for a scout position in favour of Deanna’s son, someone we later see to be a rather laid-back kind of guy, the sort more comfortable indulging in the home comforts than protecting them.

There was also an insensitive conversation as another ‘Alexandrian’ told Sasha that she was “worried that she might cook the wrong meal for her”; something that Sasha appropriately pointed out was the least of their worries. All in all, the focus on her character did well in portraying the contrast between the newcomers and the veterans of the Safe Zone.
the-walking-dead-forget-01Less understandable was the side-plot, as we saw Rick, Carol and Daryl conspire to get their guns back. Before we consider the practicality of such an idea, the main question to be asked is – why? They’ve been there about a week or so, and in this time there’s been no causes for concern. Indeed they admit as much, stating that they need the guns “should the time come”, without stopping to think that this guarded manoeuvre could actually lead them to that very point.

We’re now likely moving away from the basic content of introducing Alexandria, and instead heading towards the goings-on of it. Judging by the signs so far, might it be that, for once, the location is actually the utopia it appears to be? Perhaps after the disappointments of the prison, Woodbury, Terminus and the Atlanta hospital, this could in fact be a curveball, and could it be that it will be our own group whose paranoia topples the Safe-Zone? Rick’s newfound romantic interest in Jessie might not help either.

‘Forget’ was a solid episode, rounding off our ‘tour of Alexandria’ and setting the stage nicely for events to come.


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