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The Vampire Diaries Season 8: What to Expect

The Vampire Diaries Season 8: What to Expect

After 7 years of vampires, werewolves, witches and romance, we’re taking our last trip into Mystic Falls as The Vampire Diaries is ending after 8 seasons. Which means this is the last time we will see the Salvatore brothers in action doing what they do best – romancing women and kicking ass.

With this being the show’s final season, what can fans expect? Here a few things that are going to take place in Mystic Falls:

A Shorter Seasonthe-vampire-diaries-seaosn-8-still-01Unlike previous seasons which consisted of 22 episodes, the final season of The Vampire Diaries will only have 16. Although the loss of 6 additional episodes may upset a few viewers, the show might benefit from having fewer episodes as it could improve the narrative and remove any filler episodes.

The Armory Monsterthe-vampire-diaries-seaosn-8-still-02After the climax of the show’s seventh season, the monster which was inside the armoury vault will be revealed. We will also find out just who and what the monster is, and what plan they might have for Mystic Falls. Fans will also see the effect they have on Damon and Enzo as they gave into the darkness inside the vault.

Tragic Time For Bonniethe-vampire-diaries-seaosn-8-still-03Bonnie will face some tough times ahead as she loses her magic and the two important men in her life – Damon and Enzo. So with the help of Stefan, Caroline and Alaric, Bonnie wishes to find Damon and Enzo before it’s too late. So if there are any Bonenzo fans, keep your fingers crossed for a reunion.

Return Of Old Friendsthe-vampire-diaries-seaosn-8-still-06With this being the last season of the show, it is only fair to assume faces from the past will make an appearance. It is believed that 10 former cast members will be returning to the show including Michael Trevino and Steven R. McQueen, who played Tyler Lockwood and Jeremy Gilbert respectively. However I think the question most fans have asked is – “Will Elena be back?” Although Nina Dobrev is another of the former cast rumoured to be returning, fans will just have to wait and see as the season progresses if they will get the Delena reunion they have been waiting for.

Do I Hear Wedding Bells?the-vampire-diaries-seaosn-8-still-04Reportedly, The Vampire Diaries is set to have another wedding (hopefully no one will die this time) but just who will be getting married? It is rumoured to be Stefan and Caroline (Steroline to die-hard shippers) – so Caroline just might get that June wedding to Stefan she told Bonnie she and Stefan were planning in the show’s pilot episode. Or could it be Damon and Elena? Anything is possible in The Vampire Diaries universe so Elena just might come back and Damon may put a ring on it. Hey, it could even be Bonnie and Enzo – we’ll just have wait and see.

A Happy Ending?the-vampire-diaries-seaosn-8-still-05As this is going to be the last season, one can only hope that characters will get the happy ending they deserve and fans will get the same too. However, actress Kat Graham reportedly stated that “someone will die”. Fans will have to keep their fingers crossed and hope it’s not their favourite character. It is also rumoured the show could end with a flash-forward; so let’s just hope the future is bright.

The final season of The Vampire Diaries is currently airing on ITV2.

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