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the truth about loveReleased: 2012

Pink is back! After several years she returns with excellent new album, The Truth About Love, and it’s quite a change from the Pink we’re used to. Her last (non compilation album) was Funhouse way back in 2008, which was stylistically an album of perfected punky attitude pop but it was simply more of the same.

Thankfully for The Truth About Love, Pink has updated herself, drawing more from her happy family life than her youthful rebel side, focusing of change as a concept and how love changes you. The new tracks have the same energy as all the best Pink tracks do but they’re more uplifting and thoughtful.  A majority of upbeat songs offer the necessary balance for the low key “sad songs”, meaning that this album on repeat is bound to lift your spirits.

I think all the songs are brilliant, with no real weakness. Here are my picks of the best:

Are We All We Are – The anthem song. This is the song that eases you into the new, more vibrant pink. It has a fighter’s voice, with Pink singing about not letting yourself not be heard. Just try not to want to shout along to “We are the people that you’ll never get the best of!”

Blow Me (One Last Kiss) – the one that was in Glee. I have to admit that I didn’t hear the original version till I heard the Glee version – both of which are good. This track is a song about finally getting clarity on a relationship, deciding to move on and being able to do whatever you want. You know, the upside to being single.

Try – Possibly my favourite song simply because it’s so haunting and powerful. I strongly recommend watching the AMA performance of Try, where Pink’s dance/movement skills are wonderful and her live singing is perfection.

True Love – “At the same time I want to hug you, I wanna wrap my hands around your neck. You’re an asshole, but I love you. And you make me so mad I ask myself, why I’m still here. And I think it might be true love.” Set to an upbeat tune – simply brilliant.

Slut Like You & Walk Of Shame – The confidence boosters. These are two of most fun and playful songs. With titles like these, how could they not be? For Slut Like You, there’s the cocky voice of defiance that so many of us can identify with. Walk of Shame highlights the aftermath of a drunken night, where regret sinks in as you rush home with most of what you came out with.

Beam Me Up – The Sad Song. Pink sound great in this stripped back song, hitting high notes in a pleasant way that avoids a shrieking warble. This song feels, like the title might suggest, very alien compared to the rest of the album but it represents Pink the person, rather than Pink the singer. A lovely insight.

Overall I think this album could definitely have some longevity on my iPod, which in this day and age, with so much music available, is a feat in itself. After the disappointment of Funhouse, Pink has crafted an album to truly be proud of.


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