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COLT 45_Img_SmallReleased: July 2014

Billy Talent, A Day To Remember – American post-hardcore music has pervaded our culture so much now that even the Brits are having a go. Post-punk ruffians COLT 45 may hail from Cumbria, but don’t let that fool you that these guys don’t mean it.

Vocalist Neil Harper treads a line somewhere between Liam Gallagher in all his nasally glory, and east coast US rock made for Lollapalooza and the Warped Tour, and coupled with the tight formation powerhouse of the rest of the band it makes for COLT 45’s sound.

It’s pretty formulaic stuff it must be said, with only one song clocking in above the three and a half minute mark, and the production is so polished that it somewhat takes the power off Harper’s razor sharp rasp. But there is good music here.

595 has a charging feel that sounds at home on the festival circuit (the band played Download earlier this summer), while I Remember When The Rain Came Down has the fist-pumping, two fingers up attitude that is more akin to their punk influences.

The Tide Is Turning has real promise, but it would be churlish to suggest they have made it just yet. The songwriting chops are there, but now what COLT 45 need is a tune with a gargantuan hook to set them on course to the big time. Ones to watch.


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