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The Producers at the Theatre Royal, Brighton – Review

The Producers at the Theatre Royal, Brighton – Review

Can Jason Manford dance? Definitely. And can Jason Manford sing? Surprisingly well, yes! In fact so well, all I heard through the auditorium last night was ‘I didn’t know he was going to be that good’. Not something you’d expect from a comedian who makes people laugh with his wit and humour.

Thrown together with a heap of other talented artists such as Phil Jupitus (Never Mind the Buzzcocks), Louie Spence (with all the dazzle and dance) and David Bedella (Olivier award winner), last night’s performance of The Producers at the Theatre Royal in Brighton was fantastic.
the-producers-tour-01I’d already set myself up for a good show but with little knowledge of the storyline, I felt like I was dreaming when I watched scenes like ‘Up The Alley’ and ‘Springtime for Hitler’. The cast were adorned in heaps of glitter, leather and PVC, and then there was a giant silver sausage on a plate, which was so random but so entertaining.

Special mention should of course be given to Jason Manford, who I hope to see take the stage again, and Cory English, who played Producer Max Bialystock. His character, who suffered from a spot of ‘small man syndrome’, never stopped giving. From quick witted puns to tap dancing, and solemn solos to bopping around his office with a ton of old ladies, Cory was definitely the highlight for the boys.

For the girls, Tiffany Graves (oh so beautiful) played the part of Olla and special respect goes to her for managing to confidently strip centre stage whilst in full view of the audience and with a smile on her face. Graves is a very talented singer with a classic opera style to her voice. It’s just a shame we didn’t get to hear more of it!

At 2hrs 40 mins, The Producers was a long performance, but this was largely overshadowed by yet another fabulous show brought to Brighton’s Theatre Royal from the lights of London.

It’s not one for the kids, but it’s definitely a hoot for all adults with a wicked sense of humour.


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