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The trailer for this movie has been circulating for over a year, but with no release in sight. At last the wait is over. With a quick name change, which is all the more intriguing, we have After The Dark.

At an international school in Jakarta, students from all over the world are gathered in a philosophy class. But this is unlike any of the lectures you’ll get in most classrooms. The class is a practical exploration of the value of humanity, how much each person is worth when survival pits one person against another.

This trailer could be seen to show much of the breadth of the story, however, a more suspicious look would suggest that the many locations and seemingly core dramatic scenes might only be the visualised theories of the students while they discuss ideas safely at the school. Of course, it could be a whirlwind of revelations, betrayal, life and death.

While the cast is large, there seem to be a few key characters that will lead this story, namely Sophie Lowe (Once Upon A Time in Wonderland) and Rhys Wakefield. You might also spot Bonnie Wright (Ginny Wealsey from Harry Potter) and Jacob Artist (Jake Puckerman in Glee).

This cast of rising stars looks set to compel you with twists and turns in a multi-cultural epic of mind ending proportions. Get ready to question what you know and ask yourself, could you make the tough calls?

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