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Latvian singer/songwriter Kerija Kalēja and American musician/singer Eric Jayk, aka Astra The 22’s, are releasing their second single Save Me. The band’s first single, Catwoman, was released in March and has been played on Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian and the US radio stations, where they have received great reviews. The song was mixed in New York by Kyle Kelso and mastered in Los Angeles by Howie Weinberg.

The song has already gained an immense amount of popularity with listeners, including a number of celebrities. American actress and TV star Sandra Bernhard did not hide her excitement about the song: “‘Save Me’ is a driving, moody, and sexy ballad, the kind you want on in the background of your first night of love or for a dramatic breakup, the perfect hot soundtrack.”

The main voice of the song, Kerija Kaleja, says: ”The story and the meaning of the song is that no matter where people are in this world or what is happening to them, they all have the same emotions such as sadness, loneliness or love and pretty much everyone is looking for the same emotions.”

Check it out below.

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