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The Lowriders album coverIt’s not often that a band release their first self-titled album having already produced the soundtrack for a motion picture, but that’s the case for Essex based group The Lowriders.

Their previous EP, I Am Soldier, featured a collection of songs they were approached to write for the Brit-flick of the same name, thanks to their hard hitting indie sound and knack for a catchy (but vitally not cheesy) chorus.

The success of that EP, including a number of very positive reviews, have led to this – their much anticipated debut.

And indie fans will be pleased to know that the album doesn’t disappoint. With ten tracks in total, including a number which are familiar from the EP, this has more of a chance to display dynamics and versatility that the shorter EP. The key to making an impact is knowing when to turn down the volume and draw the listener in before ramping it up again, and it’s these kind of subtleties that make this one stand out.

The distorted rock sections are made all the more notable thanks to the sparer, quieter moments, and it’s in this neat trick that the quality of this new album lies.

Favourite track: ‘Glorious Victorious’ – a quieter reflective moment that shows that this band are as thoughtful as they are ballsy.

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