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The Ghost Of Escondido – Escondido

The Ghost Of Escondido – Escondido

the ghost of escondidoReleased: 2012

A band who tell tales of love lost against the western sky, Econdido release their new album The Ghost of Escondido on the 26th February 2013. The band consists of Fashion Designer Jessica Maros and Tyler James; a ten year solo artist and member of Los-Angeles based Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero’s. The two met whilst James was recording a mutual friend at his home studio – whilst Maros was sat on the sofa strumming a song James pressed record and later when they listened to the playback decided to make an album.

Ghost of Escondido is full of references to Texas and Whisky Breath, obviously wanting to keep true to their roots. Imagine a mixture of trumpet fanfares, guitar trills, simple heavy drum beats and husky dischordic harmonies, all coming together to create a sombre ‘dessert sex sound’. Maros says “The record was an outlet for me, each song brings back where I was, what I drank when I was writing them. It was a dark time and this album got me through it.” When listening to the album you can feel the depth of each song and the feelings put into making it, especially Special Enough which hosts syllabic vocal splashes washing over a death march drum beat, with strong guitar strums emphasising the musical tide.

Lurking below the surface is a slightly more whimsical cantankerous feel, with songs like Cold October, Willow Tree and Rodeo Queen using echoing soft vocals and conflicting harmonies to create a creepy yet still relaxing feel.

In my eyes the best song on the album is Keep Walking, which starts with a catchy guitar riff and is closely followed by another simple drumbeat. Syllabic lyrical punches push through the united backing, clashing with the male vocals to create a conflict that completey works together, for me this is the definition of ‘dessert sex sound’. Imagine The XX and Kasabian doing a Western collaboration in Texas, drinking Whisky and smoking cigarettes, and this is what you get.

If you like nice easy listening with a sombre feel then this is the album for you. Slightly quirky soft rock – this album is a definite grower.


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