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With Katniss Everdeen about to take up her bow once more, it’s high time we checked in with our other favorite YA heroine, Tris. Yes, that’s right YA fans, the first trailer for The Divergent Series: Insurgent (Yes, that’s seriously what they’re calling it) has just popped up online.

We don’t get much in way of plot, but what we do get is a short snippet of an action set piece which finds Shailene Woodley’s Tris (presumably in a simulation) battling through a crumbling, fiery, flying house amidst a world literally falling apart around her to rescue her dead mother.

Having not read the books, I have absolutely zero idea of what this all means, but this short snippet should be enough to get fans excited for the film’s March 2015 release date. Personally, this sequence looks like an extended cut scene from a really, really cool looking video game, but hey, it’s just a teaser. Hard to judge a movie on a one minute edited piece of footage.

Robert Schwentke is calling the shots on this one.

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