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The Boxer Rebellion – UK Tour Review

The Boxer Rebellion – UK Tour Review

the-boxer-rebellionLive music is the make or break for many bands. It either shows that they’re as good as their EP’s make them sound, or proves that you can make anyone sound passable with the right mixing and editing.

Going in blind to a live gig means that you never have expectations and it lets you take the music as it is. The Boxer Rebellion began the first leg of their UK tour in Southampton, at a cosy bar called The Brook. This intimate venue was crowded without being packed like sardines and a raised stage meant that no view was obscured.

The warm up act, supporting the band throughout their UK tour, was easy listening Christof. A one-man, solemn folk singer, he entertained with a range of interesting and laid back melodies. Then The Boxer Rebellion took to the stage.

The best way to describe what happened next was big, powerful indie rock. An instantly compelling and captivating opening full of electric guitars, pounding drums and a soulful voice in lead singer Nathan Nicholson that drew on sweet high notes, made each song resonate that much more.

This was a gig to either convert or dispel the onlooker. There was more and more cheering and grander applause as the set went on; they seemed to have a good following plus a good number of new fans.

With an impressive number of songs played out in succession, time flew by and with a little crowd interaction each song got bigger and better. The amount of energy and musical talent was abundant. A particularly astonishing moment came when the three band members were all drumming as Nathan sang – making use of electric drums gave a modern twist that you wouldn’t expect to work so well.

Despite minor technical problems, the set was an ever-increasing crescendo of guitar strums and crashing symbols that took your breath away. It was awesome.

As the tour has just begun, you stand an excellent chance of finding a venue near you, so get your tickets now.

See here for details of dates and venues. 

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