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The Big Reunion Series 2, Episode 6 Review

The Big Reunion Series 2, Episode 6 Review

the-big-reunion-series-2-damageSince the opening episode of The Big Reunion’s second season, we’ve all been left hanging and waiting with bated breath for Damage to reunite. Finally the boys got together to try and lay their differences to rest, and it was as dramatic as expected.

The R&B group split in 2001 as a result of Coreé leaving to deal with his addiction to drugs and alcohol. The remaining members – Russ, Andrez, Noel and Jade – managed to remain on good terms overall, and all agreed that Coreé’s behaviour in the band had been unacceptable. After many long years of conflict, the band sat down together to discuss what happened in the darker days of their musical career, and Coreé’s lack of punctuality left his bandmates unimpressed. When he did eventually show up, the awkwardness was palpable.

Russ, the fatherly figure of the group, got the ball rolling by telling Coreé upfront that his aggressive and confrontational behaviour made things difficult for everyone in the band. He was also angry that everyone else in the group left him alone to deal with the debt they mounted over the span of their career. Andrez similarly clashed with Coreé during the meeting, claiming that Coreé has continually lied about events that took place while the band were still together. Coreé’s aggression was still an issue and he and Andrez seemed to have different versions of events and could not find a middle ground.

Coreé managed to tell his side of the story, expressing his battles with substance abuse. He was charged with drink-driving, and was upset that none of his bandmates contacted him while he was in prison. He also admitted feeling that his friends had not given him the attention and support he needed when he was coping with addiction.

All in all, their tense reunion was far from successful and irate feelings still persisted. The rest of the band are discernibly angry with Coreé and admitted that it is unlikely the band will be able to continue as a five-piece. The preview of next week’s episode revealed the bands rehearsing (and Coreé was noticeably absent), a surprise visit from Tito Jackson, and building tensions between the members of newly formed boyband 5th Story.

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